Love a Good Story

Love a Good Story. Don’t you just Love a Good Story? Here’s another Good Story.

The Attractiveness of Wisdom is out!! You can get it on Amazon, my publisher, Black Rose Writing, and I have some. See the cover below. I love the cover and I hope you, too, will love it.

            Have you ever experienced a loss? Maybe you moved to another state or country and lost a few friends, your daily routine, and often your favorite food brands or the food. Maybe you experienced loss through a divorce or death. In that case, what did you lose? Did you lose yourself? HolliAnne, Hamilton’s wife, said she was tired of Hamilton controlling every aspect of her life. She divorced him. Hamilton knew he had to do something about himself, but how would he start? For Hamilton, this meant he would have to give up some of himself and create someone new. Then he met Franny. Franny’s mother was a renown ballerina. She owned the dance studio Franny was now operating. Franny tried hard to carry on without her mother. Hamilton saw the extreme fear of living without the controlling person. He saw how Franny struggled with decisions as she tried to carry on. He saw how hard it was for her to do anything without her mother present to control her life- tell her what to do, what to think, and how to handle her life. Through Franny, he saw how he controlled HolliAnne. Hamilton faced the fact that he not only controlled his now ex-wife, but he also controlled his employees, and his three children; the three people he loved more than anything else in the world.

            Read The Attractiveness of Wisdom and see how Hamilton changes himself and meets the woman whose love enables him to relinquish his need to control so that he will see how beautiful life truly is.

See!! Don’t you love the cover??

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