I Love a Good Story

I Love a Good Story. Don’t you just Love a Good Story? Here is another Good Story.

I Love a Good Story. Don’t you just Love a Good Story? Well, here is another really Good Story.

Hello Everyone, I’m Anna. Hello, I’m Eric; and I’m Jeremy. We are Hamilton Maddox’s sons and daughter in Judy Kelly’s novel, The Attractiveness of Wisdom.

And speaking of The Attractiveness of Wisdom, I am so excited to tell you that in about two days, the novel will launch.

Anna is correct. That is exciting news. The Attractiveness of Wisdom will be available for you to purchase and read. Eric, I can’t wait.

Neither can I. I wish you could see Anna doing her “happy dance.” What about you Jeremy?

Eric, I can’t wait either. Here’s my “happy dance.” As you know, I dance in the novel. Well, just a little. Mostly I help dad; but I still dance. Eric, is that your “happy dance?”

Yes. Wow! I’m out of breath.

Okay, guys. We want you to know how proud we are of our father. Dad used to be, well, how would you describe him, Eric?

Dad used to like to have things go his way. How would you describe him, Jeremy?

Eric, you’re correct. Dad was controlling. But not so much with Anna.

 Yes, to state it directly. Dad was controlling. He liked to have things go his way. But dad controlled out of his love for us. He has always wanted the best for us and he encouraged us, challenged us, and made us reach farther and higher.

Along with that, he taught us so much. He taught us how to do what’s right, think for ourselves, and remember not to be selfish. Since I still live at home, he is still teaching me.

Jeremy, you may be teaching him more than he’s teaching you.

In The Attractiveness of Wisdom, dad decides to change. There are several instances where he uses us to recognize the fact that he shouldn’t repeat a behavior.

Really Eric? A psychological bent, here? Eric is a psychology major, everybody.

Dad uses experiences he had with Anna and mom to help him see his need to change.

It’s a story where my father encounters something in the present that makes him think back on a similar incident he had in the past and then decides to change the present behavior. The goal for him is NOT to repeat the past. Repeating the past is something that many of us always do, even though we know we need to change our behavior. The old behavior becomes a habit. For example, if we want to stop smoking or stop overeating, we have to change our behavior toward cigarettes and food. Dad did that. Don’t get us wrong; we love our dad. He’s always taken good care of us. But the change in him is good. He is more relaxed; much less worried about everything now, than he was.

We hope you will appreciate dad’s story and what he went through. He did it for us, his children, and mom, and he did it mostly for himself; to make himself a better person. He has always been an understanding, loving and thoughtful father, but the change has made him a much better person. We know you will not only enjoy the book, but appreciate the many themes and topics in the novel as well. Maybe you want to make a change in your life. You can make that change by doing what my dad did.

Please let us know what you think. Judy said that this novel is a bit different, and she wasn’t so sure the audience would understand her purpose. Judy is a devout Christian, and The Attractiveness of Wisdom is Christian based. However, you will see that these values apply to everyone. Anna, Jeremy, and I think you will understand her purpose in writing this wonderful and fulfilling story. It is quite clear to us. Email us and let us know how you received the novel. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Eric, Anna and Jeremy Maddox

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