Blessings and Curses full cover (18) - Copy

Olivia Douglas is undecided about becoming a priest even after she has completed seminary. She is adopted and for most of her life, she has had a curse over her that she has held secret. In order to help her find out whether or not she is led to the priesthood, her parish priest gives her an assignment—to pray with an inmate on death row. The relationship with the inmate makes her curious about her own life before she was adopted. Before he is executed, the inmate asks for Olivia’s help and in honoring his personal request, she discovers something in her past that threatens to uproot her ordinary life with her adopted family and causes her to desperately struggle to hold on to her persona and position.


“Judy Kelly has written a lovely and engaging book about the curses and blessings we all live with—the struggle to find our calling in a world too often corrupted by doubt, and the bravery to move forward in spite of our misgivings. This is a story that celebrates the better side of human nature, especially in times of crisis, and the spark of empathetic connection we must maintain between ourselves and the lost souls we encounter on our pathway through life. Judy Kelly is an accomplished storyteller, and her work shines with insight and a genuine generosity of spirit.”                     

                                                          –Clint McCown, author of Haints

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