Love a Good Story

I Love a Good Story. I know you, too, Love a Good Story. I have two stories for today.

First, an author talk. Six authors will offer an author talk on Facebook. I hope you will take a few minutes of your time and hear us talk about our memoirs and novels and read from them. We’ll have time for questions and answers at the end. I will read a little from The Attractiveness of Wisdom.



The Attractiveness of Wisdom

Hello, my name is George Maddox. I’m one of the characters in Judy’s new novel, The Attractiveness of Wisdom. I’m Hamilton’s father. When Mary and I married, we moved to Stevensville, Maryland. It was not like it is now. Then, it was a small town of hardworking people who loved to live near water. Now, it’s almost a metropolitan city. At the time, most people in Stevensville, owned boats of some sort, but we owned a vineyard. Soon after I graduated from college, my father gave me money to buy a vineyard. He said I wasn’t smart enough to do much else. I believed that about myself for a long time. It’s funny how we are, people, that is. We believe the untruths about ourselves that sometimes our parents tell us. My father did that to me. I tried hard to be a good father to my sons, Taylor and Hamilton. I wanted them to be better men than I, and I expected more from them than my father expected from me. So, I worked that vineyard. I couldn’t fail at it like my father thought I would. I had a family to support and I needed to prove my father wrong. I put in long hours at the vineyard and as my son, Hamilton, told me, “I had the best wine around.” He was right. My wine won several awards as the best wine on the east coast. Do you know what a vineyard looks like? Here’s one type.



This picture is of Cassio’s vineyard in Stevensville. I retired a few years back and sold my vineyard to a nice young couple. They had it for about five years. Then a builder wanted to put up townhouses and the couple sold the vineyard to them. Even though my vineyard is no longer, I invite you to take a glass of your favorite wine, or whatever you like, and enjoy The Attractiveness of Wisdom, when it comes out.  Read about me as you do.

Until we meet again in the novel, Your Friend,

George Maddox

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