Something Exciting is Coming!!

Love a Good Story. I Love a Good Story. Don’t you just Love a Good Story? I have a Good Story for you. My next novel, The Attractiveness of Wisdom, will be out soon.

This is a beautifully crafted and powerful Literary, Christian based novel about a middle-aged man, Hamilton Maddox, with three children, two college students, who has a controlling personality. He has controlled his wife, HolliAnne, for the twenty-seven years of their marriage, and later his three children. His wife files for divorce. Even though he and HolliAnne, have had marital problems throughout their twenty-seven years, he isn’t sure he wants a divorce. But he sees that he can’t control the divorce procedures and through the power of the court system and the will of HolliAnne, he is a divorced man.
Throughout the story, Hamilton sees what happens to people who are being controlled and understands how his controlling HolliAnne has and does affect her. He wants her to forgive him and he tries to forgive himself. After months of avoiding women, he realizes that he must move on and he steps out into the dating world. As he builds another life for himself, he understands that it must be a life that does not control other people or his circumstances.
This wonderful story has a cast full of well-developed characters, and a plot that enables the reader to see and understand how one may have a need to control him/herself and those around him/her. The story shows us what the other person is like, how they are negatively changed through the control of another. I love The Attractiveness of Wisdom as well as I love That Ever Died So Young and Blessings and Curses. They all teach something. The Attractiveness of Wisdom shows the readers that though we may have had a bad experience in the past, we don’t control our lives. We can’t make what we want to happen actually happen to us. Christians know that only God controls our lives and we must live our lives the way He wants us to. This story will be with you for days after you’ve finished reading it and you will want to read it again!

The Attractiveness of Wisdom also takes the reader to many places such as Hawaii and Stevensville, Maryland. Stevensville, Maryland is where Hamilton grew up. His father had a winery, that grew “the best wines on the East Coast.”
I can’t wait to publish this novel and I hope you can’t wait to read it. But you’ll need your favorite wine, maybe from Stevensville, as you enjoy The Attractiveness of Wisdom.

Stay tuned for facts about Stevensville, seeing and hearing about this wonderful little town.

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