Love a Good Story

Don’t you just Love a Good Story? I just Love a Good Story. Want to hear another Good Story? Blessings and Curses was in the top ten most popular books in the largest book fair in the world (Frankfurt International Book Fair), but it was also in the top ten in the Sharjah International Book Fair (AUE). Isn’t that a Good Story? I think that makes Blessings and Curses an Award Winner! What do you think? It would be nice to see the novel translated in other languages and in bookstores and other places around the world. I have this picture of crowds of people everywhere in long lines in stores and other fairs, grabbing a copy or several copies for themselves, family and friends.

As you make your shopping list for Christmas, please put Blessings and Curses on your list. Buy for yourself, and know that the novel makes a very nice gift for others, as well. There are parts of the book that are special to me and I hope you will also find those scenes memorable and cherish them as I do. So get copies of Blessings and Curses and spend some part of your time off with Olivia Douglass, the main character. Find out about her curse, what she does about it, how she sees herself, and what that means for you.

You may purchase your novel at any of these places:

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