Love A Good Story

I Love a Good Story. Don’t you just Love a Good Story? Here is a really Good Story.

Great News! 

The Attractiveness of Wisdom just won the NYC Big Book Award.

And there is something else. A special offer for you.

Something to Shout About!
Something to Sing About!!
Something to be Happy About

Something exciting is coming up and I can’t wait to offer the event to you.

You are invited to a one-day Special for The Attractiveness of Wisdom. Please mark your calendars now for Monday, September 19. This is a one-day only sale. The Attractiveness of Wisdom, a one-day eBook promotion on KDP on sale for $.99. Imagine that!! This is a rare opportunity. So, please don’t miss this wonderful chance.                       

You may purchase The Attractiveness of Wisdom at:



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