Love a Good Story – Eric Maddox’s story

I just Love a Good Story. Don’t you just Love a Good Story? Here are two Good Stories.

I’m Eric Maddox, Hamilton Maddox’s son in Judy’ novel The Attractiveness of Wisdom.  I understand that it is my turn to talk. Before I do that, I would like to announce that Judy’s novel,  Blessings and Curses has just won another award. Blessings and Curses is a Finalist in the Reader’s Favorite Award in Christian Fiction.

Please send her an enthusiastic congratulations and if you have not yet purchased her novel, you can purchase Blessings and Curses in e-book or paperback (but get the paperback) from the publisher, Black Rose Writing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Click on a link below.


Now for The Attractiveness of Wisdom. I don’t have a big part in Judy’s upcoming novel, The Attractiveness of Wisdom, but I was told not to worry about that. For me, I just want everyone to know something about my father. My mother was sick most of my life and my father had to take care of us. She suffered from depression. My father has been my best friend since I can remember. He taught me so many things such as how to play baseball, basketball, volleyball and how to ride a bike. My dad and I talked during those times, and we grew to know and understand each other.

One thing he taught us was to help others. “Help people in any way you can,” he used to say. When I was in middle and high school, I shoveled the snow for those people in my neighborhood who were not able to shovel the snow off their walk or driveway. He encouraged us to feed those who didn’t have enough, take our clothes that were in good shape to places that gave clothes away to the needy. He always said that man can make one mistake in his life and end up needing. His words made me careful about what I thought, did or said.

It is because of what he taught me and my mother’s illness that I’ve decided to be a psychologist. I want to work with children who have had negative experiences to help them get over the trauma of that experience and carry out a fulfilling and love-filled life. I believe that beginning with children before they have had a chance to grind the negative into their thinking, heart and personality, they can turn around. I want to teach children and teens how to take those damaging experiences and turn them into behaviors and habits that are productive. Paige and I and my sister, Anna, are spending our holidays feeding the homeless and if my Dad can pay for it, we would like to go to Africa and help there. When I tell him these things about what I’m doing for others, he makes me feel proud. I enjoy helping others and I feel good about it.

I have finished my first year at Princeton and have begun my second year. I love my classes and the professors and students at my university. The professors are teaching me so much about kids, teens and adults. I am surprised at what I’m learning because it hasn’t been that long ago that I was a child and teen.  I strongly believe that I am on the right path. I do have a little snag. My girlfriend, Paige wants to get married and start a family. We just recently became exclusive. She’s great and I really like her. She thinks I’m great and she really loves me. I told my Dad. What do you think he said? What would you advise me to do?

While you’re thinking about it, I would like you to do three things. First, buy Blessings and Curses. I know you’ll love it. Leave a review, 5 Star, of course, because the book is a 5 Star novel and Judy has earned it. Second, buy The Attractiveness of Wisdom when it is released. You will love that, too. Third, go on Goodreads and indicate that you will buy/read The Attractiveness of Wisdom and can’t wait for it to be released. That will be of enormous help. That’s all for me for now. I have to get back to my studies.

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