First Radio Interview

I Love a Good Story. Don’t you just Love a Good Story? I have a Good story to tell you. This morning, I had my first radio show interview with Bruce Van Dyke on WEOL the AM Morning Drive.


I was live on the air!! I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to other people come on the radio talking about their programs, products, and/or their involvement in organizations such as feeding and caring for children, those with cancer, sheltering women from abusive spouses, and listening to artists and musicians talk about how they got started with their songs or paintings and other art forms. These discussions are not only interesting, but I also find them very inspiring.

Today, I was one of those being interviewed on the radio. At first, I was nervous; that almost immediately changed to excitement with the fact that I was “Live, on the Air.” When I began to speak, a seriousness came over me, a sense of responsibility that I felt and I knew that I was not only representing myself, but I was representing my publishing company, Black Rose Writing, my critique group, Rockville Writers, my Spiritual Leader and Advisor, and the hard work of writing, rewriting, editing and research that I put into the book. I hope I did what I have been hearing from others who have come on the radio and shared their information about their programs and organizations. I hope I communicated the heart and soul of my novel, Blessings and Curses, in the same way I have heard others communicate their projects. I hope that those persons who tuned in and who were driving to work heard the heart-felt message about Blessings and Curses on WEOL AM. I hope I did justice to this novel.

Follow me as I go around the country talking about Blessings and Curses.

Tomorrow (June 13) I will be live on the:

KJAG Jiggy Jaguar radio show at 12:00

Later, The syndicated Al Cole show at 2:00

Friday June 14

Mark and Matt KWAY at 9:40

Monday, June 17

GoodMornings! WFIN with Chris Oaks at 10:00

Tuesday, June 18

WGRT AM with Cathie Martin at 9:00

June 19

Larry Whitler, AM Ocala, WOCA Morning Drive and “The Source” beginning at 10:05

June 20

WISER with Dave Malarkey 9:30

June 21

KOPN – AM with Jill Sheets

June 24

WMST AM The Mid-Morning on Main with Dan Manley at 9:00

June 25

KMA Radio The Dean and Don Show with Dean Atkins at 9:20

June 27

WXGM AM with Neal Steele at 7:45

If you miss a show, remember that you can always buy Blessings and Curses, through: Blessings and Curses, Judy Kelly





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