An Uneventful Blizzard?

Is it me, or did we just have an “uneventful blizzard” where we didn’t have extensive power outages, down trees or other devastation? So now we can use the time to do things with our family members? We can use the time to slow down, and reflect on our needs, to not worry about the office needs or how we’re losing money. We can enjoy the day, the snow and each other. We can also use it to check on our neighbors, those elderly or disabled who live alone or can’t get out.

Yesterday’s evening news showed a good example of ways we can help each other. There is a group of people who are volunteering their time to dig others out. If you need help you contact the organization (it seemed to be newly forming), put in your request and identify your location and someone or a group will contact you and come out to your house and shovel your snow. How nice is this? Then right behind it the news lady showed us a picture of teenagers going around helping people shovel their snow. She said it was a way for them to make money. Why must we turn everything into some money-making venture? Why don’t we teach our children to do good deeds because it is a show of love, and the right thing to do? Do we want to teach our children to do things for money to buy a new video game? Or to do things out of love and because helping our “fellow-man” is simply the right thing to do?

Since we don’t have to worry about power outages, removing trees from our living rooms, or moving the elderly and ill out of cold places to warm places, let’s use this time to do at least one thing good for someone else. I implore everyone now, to call a neighbor, friend, family member and ask if they need anything. When you are offered money, don’t take it. Donate it to a homeless fund or cancer fund or a fund of your choice. Then spend the rest of the day (and more than likely tomorrow) with your family just talking and maybe even finding out things you didn’t know about your children.

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