A Loving Character

I did  an interview a few weeks ago about my novel, That Ever Died So Young. In discussing my characters, I identified one whom I really liked. Martin Milner, Kathryn’s father, was one of my favorite characters because of the loving relationship that he and his daughter had. I really enjoyed writing about those two. My greatest pleasure was when I wrote the dialogue between them. There was something precious about their relationship and I wanted to express that in my book.  Martin made some mistakes with his daughter, the biggest one he thought harmful to Kathryn. He spent the years after making up for that by protecting his daughter. While I wrote Martin, I thought about the relationship I had with my father. Though our circumstances were different, and my father didn’t suffer a loss, we were very close. I think about my father often and find myself giving advice to others that he gave to me.

I have given a lot of thought about Martin and developing a story around him. One question I would answer is why he chose Sylvia. All I can say is that when we are suffering, we do things that we wouldn’t ordinarily do.

I am finishing up the next novel. I continue to go back and forth on the title, but as soon as I find a suitable one, I will include it in the blog.

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