The Bike and Walk Trail

The other day I had an ocassion to take a walk along the bike and walk trail that is mentioned in my novel, That Ever Died So Young. Being a big bicyclist, I don’t often get to walk the trails much anymore, unless, I’m running. But this time, I decided to just enjoy the day. I had to pause at the entrance to the trail because it is now different. If you go to my Facebook page (Judy Kelly) you will see the picture. When I wrote the novel, the water fountain was almost hidden in the trees and bushes, but now the fountain is out in the open and a trail has been created on both sides of it. After I came to grips with the entrance, I entered the trail. You can’t imagine the beauty and the feeling I had inside the canopy of the trees and overgrown (in some places) bushes. Hidden inside this wonderland were streams and brooks that gave off the most calming sounds. I crossed some of the streams on footbridges that gave me the feeling that I was in a magical land of some kind where I was safe. I saw fallen trees on both sides of the trail and birds flying between the trees so quickly, I couldn’t see what kind they were. The most interesting thing was that the people on the trail smiled and/or gave a “Good morning,” or a “Hello” as they passed by. This was most certainly a welcoming place where people actually saw you and acknowledged you. That was the best walk I have ever had and all on the trail that is mentioned in my novel That Ever Died So Young.

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